One of the more difficult pools to get to, this one sounded quite glamorous, with ‘Wimbledon Leisure Centre and Spa‘ as the name. The building is stunning from the outside (even though it was dark outside with the evenings drawing in ever-closer) which set my expectations high. As I arrived expecting the pool to stay open until 10pm, and on arrival being told that the pool would be closing half an hour earlier, it was certainly more rushed than relaxing. 

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Swim Cottage

When I read about this pool, I was hardly inspired, 25m indoor pool, blah blah blah and after I trekked all the way to Swiss Cottage after work on a Friday evening to be told it closed at 6 (despite being listed as open until 10pm on the website) I wasn’t expecting much. Not a great start. This time was a totally different experience, and is aptly named (prepare for sweeping generalisation) with the efficiency expected from the Swiss and it presented in cottage-sized scale. 

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Jubileeasy going

As I’m working through the list of pools for the year, I thought I’d try to knock the ones furthest West off the list off first.

Jubilee Sports Centre took my on an exciting journey along the A40 (I didn’t know there was a Joe Strummer subway near Marylebone) and up Edgware Road. As I arrived I could see there is a lot of building work going on.

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