Ship-shape Shepperton

This was a proper training swim for the 10K Loch Lomond #GreatScottishSwim (please sponsor me – only 2 days to go!). A beatuful lake suggested to me a few years ago, which I FINALLY have been to. This is the most beautiful organised lake swimming spot I have ever been to, and swam the furthest I ever have, 7.5K.

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The Green, Wood Green of home

In yet another swim to help prepare for the 10K #GreatScottishSwim in Loch Lomond (please sponsor me – eek it’s in 3 days!) I couldn’t possibly visit so many swimming places without popping home to Banbury.

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Fancy Fordwich

Here we are again, not really doing proper training for the 10K #GreatScottishSwim in Loch Lomond (just 17 days to go, please sponsor me), but right now I need to do anything possible to keep swimming interesting and fun and try not to hate it. Fordwich is a beautiful town on the river Stour near Canterbury, where you can swim, sail, paddleboard, canoe and have all of the fun in the water, but you can’t get a cuppa anywhere before 10am. You can get 2 bodies of water in just one day if you try.

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Kenwood (but can’t, go to the) Ladies’ Pond

This is only my second ever trip to the Ladies’ Pond at Hampstead Heath. The first time was over a year ago in March to try to prep for the Great North Swim 3k. This time it was for a much more leisurely swim, all in aid of Macmillan and to get ready for the not so leisurely #GreatScottishSwim2018 10K. Please help raise money by donating here! THANK YOU SO MUCH for the donations so far.

I can totally recommend the Ladies’ Pond if you want to get close to nature, have plenty of open space and not have to walk in a load of sludge to get in and out.

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5k All Out Swim

This is what it’s all been building up to. To have 50 swimming experiences written about, and 5000m of swimming in a freezing cold lido in October. To raise money for Macmillan. To try to beat my boss. This was a brilliant day and I would recommend everyone to do one of these swims, no matter what your ability is and what distance you decide.

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Weary Wavelengths

Deptford Wavelengths does bring back a lot of memories as I used to live and work in New Cross. I think the most poignant having been about 7 years ago, mid-swim in mid-Winter, when the fire alarm went off and were marched along the slush-filled streets in nothing but our cossies and a foil blanket (weirdly, we were allowed to rush and get shoes from lockers, but that was it). So many questions about how to get set on fire in a pool…reasonably happy to say that today was much less eventful.  

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