This pool has had brilliant reviews so I was excited to go (all lidos in London done now). It was a surprise to find it to not be heated, but the setting is beautiful. 

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Racing it Royally 

London Royal Docks a stunning place for a sunny morning swim. The water was gorgeous and the people who run it are really encouraging. There is a lot of faff to get involved, but well worth it. Just remember that opening times on websites are never really true.

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I’ve put off going to Hampstead Heath ponds for as long as possible. Here and Hillingdon lido are the only London outdoor ones left, and Hillingdon was closed when I wanted to go. It was daft of me to avoid this place, it is incredibly beautiful and a lovely place to swim. 

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Pond Art


I’m always looking for new places to swim to keep up momentum and not keep traipsing from 25m soulless box to the next. Today I went to swim in an art installation, Kings Cross Pond Club. The whole location is very interesting, with the programme at Lewis Cubitt park alone making me want to go back.

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Wetsuit wear #1 – I’m stoke’d

reservoir 1IMG_3029

This morning I had my induction to open water swimming at Stoke Newington West Reservoir. It was epic and very very pleased to say that it was all quite straightforward and I will definitely be doing some training there. I managed to get into my wetsuit, and even helped other people into theirs (shock!) before swimming the 750m round circuit. Today is a proud day.

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Slimey Serpentine

Anyone who knows me will know that ‘natural’ (aka disgusting) outdoor swimming, or more sharing swimming space with Canada geese, is not really my bag. I can deal with swimming in the sea but freak out if a piece of seaweed touches me. In this buoyed off area of the lake, I don’t think it would be anything as clean as seaweed that you’d need to dodge. 

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On a relatively sunny day, I thought I’d head south of the river to visit some friends and either go to Brixton Rec pool or Brockwell Park Lido. After the long cycle I was pretty warm so thought I’d brave the unheated pool. The 50 metre giant paddling pool. I’ve always heard really good reviews from others and thought it must be worth a shot.

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