Go Green! 

This will test my memory as it was over a week ago that I went, however, I was so genuinely impressed by the newly built Tottenham Green Pools that they have stuck in my mind.

The journey there was lovely, on a sunny morning I’d never cycled that way before and as you approach Tottenham (from the Hackney side) there is a lovely off road cycle path. 

On arrival there was a police car and 2 police officers leaned against it looking fed up while a teenaged girl shouted at them about her neglectful father. I wondered what on earth was going on but then the chap at the counter explained the housing office is in the pool building. Relaxing start. The man on reception was the friendliest person ever, he tried to persuade me to join as a member then had a chat before explaining the choice of changing rooms (!) and directing me. He took my £4.70, as its a Fusion centre, not Better.

The changing rooms are nicely designed and of course everything is brand new, the 3 cubicles are fine and the open changing area is clean and bright, with lockers (returnable £1) at the far end). There are sign posts which clearly show how to get to poolside. There are 3 showers in the female changing room which I noticed on my way out to….another changing room. A mixed changing room for families, which is much bigger and hectic. I picked the right one.

Out on to poolside there is a kids pool with a sloped mini beach vibe with plenty of room for them to have fun. The whole pool area is really bright and clean, with a viewing area upstairs.

The 25m pool is just beyond, and even though it is small, it feels spacious. That morning it was divided into 3 wide lanes, which made it easy enough for a few of us to swim at different paces without disturbing each other. The pool is very warm, which I thought would make it uncomfortable but it was fine. I think it being so shiny and new and clean really helped. The edges are well above water level, so if  you aren’t confident to stay afloat don’t go out of your depth. The end isn’t particularly deep, and the fun is restricted and there’s no diving.

After a really long swim I did feel chemical-infused, so time to hit the showers. Amazingly, here you are trusted with choosing your own water temperature and the responsibility of turning the shower on and off, no crappy push buttons or sensors in charge. Brilliant.

Hairdryers are free to use on the way out, and are just another nice addition to the place.

Happy days, does the job for everyone and my advice is to make the most of it.


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