Happiness is Hampton

It’s a train journey out SW so a mission to get to, but Hampton is the a proper, old school Lido, exactly what I think one should be. It has something for everyone and a vibrant energy and character to appeal to families and serious swimmers. Love love love it. 
A colleague mentioned to me that she went here on Christmas Day once, and because it’s heated it’s actually quite pleasant. Today is was peak British Summer and was still perfect. 
It’s a little, peaceful walk from the station and once there it is buzzing. The staff on the door are chatty and take your £7.20 happily. If you aren’t interested in the swimming pool there is a gym and cafe in the main building. 
As you head to the changing rooms there are an abundance of signs with rules and regulations some of which are pretty weird (shaving is forbidden in the showers – damn straight). There are a couple of changing cubicles but it’s mostly all open with a bench in the middle (the lido way). Lockers return your £1 and you are urged to use them. 

I was eager to get out to poolside and getting there did not disappoint. The small kiddies pool had loads of families in splashing about and the 50m beauty was split in half with 3 lanes running the length on the right hand side. Beyond the pool there are picnic benches and a big grassy area with kids playing football. The weathered plastic slides into the pool are a nice touch, but not in use today, they clearly have been though. In the pool there were families teaching each other to dive and chucking each other about, fun times all the way. 
The water is not that warm, but very pleasant, and doesn’t feel as though it’s full of chemicals. There’s the odd bit of plant debris but it just reminds you that you are outside and enjoying the Summer.
Back to the changing rooms, there are 2 warm showers and 2 cold ones all open, but they work well. The best bit is after the swim you can head out back to the grass and have a good sunbathe.
Well worth the trip. Good clean fun. 


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