Relaxing Brixton.

One of the best things about this pool is that it’s on the second floor of the sports centre. As you swim along you can look out of the windows to see the skyline. It’s beautiful at 8pm on a weekday, as the sun is setting you feel very relaxed and can swim away any stresses of the day. 

On arrival, I checked what the lockers needed (a returnable £1) and went up to the next floor. The changing rooms are open plan, and there are about 10 changing cubicles. Which were full of people’s belongings, despite a sign in each one saying that you should use the lockers. And also despite the fact that you get your £1 back after using it. Why people? It pisses me off that people can’t just tidy up after themselves.

The floor in the changing rooms is ridiculously slippery. It was nearly impossible to get across the room, without sliding and shattering myself on the wet tiles. I tried to walk on the special non-slip mat things, but they hurt my feet so much I ended up chicken dancing about. Quickly to the pool then…

The roof and walls of the interior are all wood, and it’s pretty spectacular in there. The pool is 25m, but after swimming in a fair few of the smaller pools recently, this is a really nice one. The pool is clean and is quite shallow (it has a little standing ledge) which makes it feel quite fast. Of course, there is no diving as standard!

When I first arrived, there was a slow lane and a medium lane, and 2 lanes of swimming lessons. This was a bit difficult, but the lane ropes were set up quite widely apart so it was easy enough to pass people. After the swimming lessons were done, god knows how they were trying to arrange the lanes. They seemed to be trying to plait the ropes around the people in the pool! This did distract me from swimming properly, but did mean I swam at a more leisurely pace and started to look out of the windows. I don’t think there have been many pools that I have swum in where you are high up. There’s something about it that was really nice and calming.

After the whole detangling debacle, there were 5 lanes, all from slow to fast, and I ended up with a lane on my own. It was really pleasant swim. I would imagine that over the weekend it would be quite busy and hectic, but on a Thursday evening, it was lovely.

After slip-sliding my way back through the gauntlet corridor to the changing rooms, I found the lovely warm and spacious showers (push-button) and got ready. There is a swimwear spinner, but it was out of order. There are hairdryers towards the entrance to the changing room, so everything you need is covered.


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