Finchley Lidoesn’t open 

Firstly, check the Lido is open before you set off! “They don’t open it unless it’s above 22 degrees outside, as this can lead to hypothermia and a host of other things”the girl in the changing rooms said. Followed up by “You should’ve been here last weekend as it was warm enough, although it was so busy you probably wouldn’t have gotten in.” Hmm now then, either closed or rammed, doesn’t sound like my idea of a great time, and also having had a sneaky peek, it seems to be the tiniest Lido I’ve ever seen.

So we didn’t make it to the Lido, but there are 2 other pools in the Lido Leisure Centre which were open. 

As you go in to the pool area, there is a small viewing area, some lockers, 2 pools (one which is some kind kids adventure pool), and errrr after wandering around the poolside you might manage to find, yes, there they are, some changing rooms. This is the most higgledy piggledy swimming pool I have been to. The lockers are on the end of rows of changing rooms, which are right on the side of the pool. It is all very brightly coloured and looks child and family friendly.  It was a Saturday lunchtime and pretty busy, loads of kids in their dedicated pool and as I got changed I was dreading getting in. I can’t even remember what coin you need for the lockers, it was probably different depending on which locker you use and what day anyway.

After getting in to the grown-up pool, it was all fine, the kids stuck to the area where they were meant to kick and splash and scream about, and there were just a few of us grown ups swimming steadily up and down the lanes. Now I have to say that both me and my friend were hungover, so taking it pretty steady and I had cycled for an hour to get there, and was also anxious about the cycle back home. The pool is 25m which just tells me that it’s made for people smaller than me, and it did have a notably deep end.

On the deep end it had a massive sign saying DEEP END, NO DIVING, which to be honest just seems to me like someone couldn’t be arsed. Why have a deep end if you can’t dive in? Anyone? Answers on a postcard please. There is a lot to watch at this pool, as I was lagging in energy I probably did more looking around than swimming, there was a 1 length swim that kids had to do before they were allowed to swim in the messing about area (they were loving it), there is a sauna on the poolside, the whole place in very light and it made me think of Centre Parcs.

When it came to getting out, the shower experience was along the lines of the rest of it. There are open showers on the poolside and 2 cubicle showers also next to them. The cubicles are huge, and it is very daunting using them, knowing that there is a tiny slidy bolt and a slither of MDF between naked you and 2 swimming pools full of people. Then the awkward towelled walk and bend down to get your stuff out of the lockers without flashing your arse and shuffling into a filthy floored changing room.

This pool is a good one, especially for kids and older kids because of the fun area. I am honestly in no rush to return though.



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