Mile Ends too soon

As the Olympic pool is shut for an event, I have had to look elsewhere for a pre-work weekday swim. As, I imagine have a lot of other people. I think that anywhere would struggle to be as good, but did my research and this was the closest option that opened just early enough. It’s in the middle of Mile End park which is lovely, and it has definitely had a recent refurb. The entrance is quite spectacular with views out to the stadium. Once I’d obtained my luminous orange paper wristband (wtf?) I headed to get changed.

The changing rooms are communal (seems to be the theme for the last few!) and there are loads of changing cubicles and lockers, the whole changing area is a teal colour, which does make it incredibly dark. I also was still half asleep when I put my non-returnable 20p into the locker and twisted it slightly, and it was gone forever, so very swearingly I rooted about for another one. I noticed that the other people in the changing room were carrying wash bags and towels with them to poolside. They are smart people, of course I copied them.

The pool is 25m long, and 1.8m at the deepest end. I think there were a few people and possibly and entire training session that have moved there for the month while the olympic pool is out of bounds. It was very busy and I felt a bit like I was being swept about like Nemo in the Australian current. The pool feels fast, but also quite hectic and like everyone is on top of each other. To be honest I want to come back here to swim once the Olympic is back open again. I think today there are a lot of people who are used to being smaller fish in bigger ponds, suddenly squished into a tiny tank.

Back in the changing rooms, the showers are again really dark, and there are cubicles just in the communal area bit, which was fine, but I just wanted to get out.



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