Super-Cally- fragilistic…

I cycled past Cally pool a few weeks ago, having never understood where it was, and thought I’d give it a go. On arrival I had a quick peak through a window, and asked the lady at the counter if that was the pool that I could see. She politely replied, “Oh, that’s the small pool.” I got a bit giddy then, as it looked massive. Then she said, “the big pool isn’t exactly a lot bigger, it’s just 25m.” At this point I knew I was back in swimming made for 7 year olds. “Ah ok,” and off I trudged. I can’t believe how much of a swimming pool snob I have become. 

The changing rooms were nice, I think it has been recently done up, the doors are brightly coloured and also the changing room/toilets/showers and lockers are all mixed. Again, I think this might be useful if you are a parent with a littl’un. I wasn’t really bothered either way, I think it’s quite a good idea really as there’s a more efficient use of space. The changing cubicle is big enough (I don’t have any small people accompanying me though so it might be a bit small for them too), and so are the lockers, and I think it’s the first pool I have been to in a while which returns a £1 coin, so was pretty happy with that. The mixed toilets aren’t my favourite thing ever, but everything was new and clean so it was all fine.

Out on poolside the pool was split into 4 differing sized lanes, which I thought was quite a good idea. The thin slow lane, then a really wide middle lane (which gave ample room to go around people) and two skinny fast lanes at the far end. The pool is fast and shallow and only 1.4m at the deepest part in the middle (no diving at all then). The whole pool was clean and really quite lovely and warm. Like a few others, I would say this is definitely a weekend (or bank holiday) swim spot. There wasn’t anyone charging up and down the lanes, and I did get a lane to myself for a bit and sped up a bit, but I just feel like I’m turning around all of the time in a 25m pool now.

I did glance over to the ‘small’ pool and it was busy and seemed as though a lot of families were having a good time. So definitely one for the kids. I also like that the small pool was just close enough to the other one for parents and kids to do their own thing, but also manage to keep an eye on each other.

The shower area is quite strange, but all good. There are some showers (remember it’s all communal) that are just in that area, and then there are about 6 cubicles. Te cubicles are HUGE! there is enough room to have your children with you and still swing a cat. It’s a push button shower, the water pressure is virtually non-existent, but it’s still better than the horrible showers at the Olympic park!

As I said before the changing area is good, mostly because it has so many cubicles, that no-one is wandering around you starkers, so even though the mirror with free hairdryers faces into the room, you don’t get an eyeful.





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