Janet Adegokids! 

Who is Janet Adegoke? Its not that easy to find out. I have had a good look through some other blogging sites, and found she was the first black female London Mayor. And she’s certainly get my vote. A well and purpose-built centre.

On entering the leisure centre we were asked very politely to ensure we used the shoe covers. First brilliant idea of the trip. The changing rooms are well set out, lots or them, and roomy, and on a Saturday morning, full of children and their parents. I think this was my first inkling of how much this pool seems to work for families. The changing rooms are exceptionally clean as you don’t put your shoes on the floor, and it’s amazing how much of a difference that made.

The lockers take your 20p, are reasonably sized, but not big enough for lots of little people’s swimming bags.

Walking out into the pool area, it’s nice and brightly coloured walls look very clean and there were about 3 different children’s swimming lessons taking place, the teaching pool was teaming with tiny ones, and one lane was taken up with lessons for those jumping in on a tube type float. Parents looked on or sat reading their books in the reception area. There isn’t a raised viewing area or anything, and in fact the whole pool area is quite compact, the main pool is 25m long and between 1-2m deep, so seems very suitable for children.

Getting in the metal ladder gave a big old squeak and a tilt, which is a bit of a shame, after seeing the shoes which had given such a strong impression of the pool being well maintained. The lanes are pretty thin, although it wasn’t busy, so no need to pass by and everyone seemed very friendly. Half of the pool was an open swim and the odd football would float towards you with eager and apologetic faces hoping you’ll nudge it back over.

I forgot my goggles on this day, and I think that resigning myself to the fact that I was going to be keeping my head above water played an important part of my enjoyment at this pool. If I’d have tried to be speeding off, then I would’ve got quite frustrated I think. The pool did feel quite fast though, probably as it is so shallow all over. The swim was really enjoyable and fun on the weekend.

Getting out, we managed to time it just before the end of a swimming lesson, which had its plus and minus points! There aren’t any shower cubicles just open showers near the toilets. After dragging my stuff from the locker to the shower area, by the sinks there was a sign on the hairdryer saying it was broken, so it gave me a place to dump my belongings and go to the shower area. Showers were pretty good, but the water level was creeping up and up, and also as more and more children left the pool to shower, it got a bit crowded with a load of onlooking mum’s to boot! The showers are pretty close as well so I thought i’d just get out of there are quickly as possible. I’m sure that if you are one of the mum’s that you’d be pretty grateful that your kids can’t mess about locking doors and that you can grab your child out of the shower once you’ve had enough. Back to the roomy changing rooms.

I found a mirror on the far side, with a paid hairdryer and the mirror reflects onto a wall (not loads of nakedness) so that cheered me up a bit!

If you have kids this looks like the place to be.





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