Coldish Town

I was quite excited about going here as my swimming mate said that he’d been turned away before as it was so busy. The building outside looks beautiful, and as I wandered in there was music playing in the foyer, which I thought was a nice touch. The staff were friendly and opened up the gate…into the labyrinth corridor to the changing rooms.

There are 3 pools in Kentish Town Leisure Centre, the small pool, which was full of kids (unsuprisigly, and brilliant), the Grafton Pool whose doors were firmly locked and not even a way of peaking in (we tried) and then the epic Willes Pool. Now, having looked it up the Grafton pool is 25m and doesn’t get particularly deep, so it seems like the Janet Adegoke pool from last week – you can read about that at your will. Today we are on about the Willes pool, 30.5 (random)m which is absolutely stunning.

The archtecture of the building is beautiful, with the arches along the roof and the viewing area above looking lovely. Do go there or at least have a look at the photos on the website.

The pool is clean and has wide lanes and the deep end is 3m. Wierdly, the lane ropes have been fixed to the wall about 6 inches lower than the water level, but that’s just something I hadn’t noticed before. Now, apart from the beautiful surroundings, the thing I noticed most about this pool is that it is freezing cold.

It was a bit of a shock getting in, and on a Saturday afternoon it was quite quiet and people weren’t thrashing about, its probably the most silent swimming experience I’ve had! It’s quite a serious pool as it’s totally contained I doubt you’d find kids in there. It was a very nice pool to swim in and I felt like a grown up. Most of the people in there were hardened pensioners like my grandparents and it was nice to see them, and marvel that they weren’t moaning about the temperature at all. The swim was great and very little stopping and chatting as the temperature got unbearable. The final conversation before getting out ended with ‘Your lips have gone blue’.

Wandering through the corridor back to the changing rooms was even more cold, through the corridor of lockers and showers to find the right door, it has all been very well done up, back to the locker inside the changing rooms which is where out of the many choices I decided to store my bag. The locker took my 20p, and i took my stuff out wondering where to put it whilst I showered.

There are 4 shower cublicles that I found in the changing rooms (it was a right rabbit warren so there may have been more), and the layout was something I hadn’t seen before. It was almost a changing cubicle and shower cubicle added on in-front of the other, with the wall cut out.  I hung my bag up in the changing part and showered. The shower was lovely and warm (thank god) and I managed to mostly get changed in the half cubicle but then the condensation got too much and I moved in to the main changing area. I was the only person in there. It did make me wonder what it would be like there if i went in the morning before work, would people hog the showers and get changed? Not really sure how that would work and even if I’d risk investigating. Good free hairdryer, not a suit dryer, but it was all so clean and nice that I can’t moan at all.

Great for the grown-ups!



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