Local bath 

This morning I had to go to work, so in the hour of 6 on a Saturday I dragged myself out of bed, and cycled in the freezing cold…for about 2 minutes (!) to London Fields Lido. It was honestly easier than persuading myself to get out of bed to get into the shower.

I have been here several times, but never been in a place to write up straight afterwards, I really love it, and let’s face it, I’m definitely the target audience! 

There are 2 ladies changing rooms, or loads of cubicles on poolside, so you are spoilt for choice. As today it has turned back to being mid winter I opted for the inside group change, a reasonable space for about 8 people. I started talking to some other ladies in there who weren’t keen on the weather either, who said that they shower before they go outside to get really cold outside, then the pool feels really warm. Take this advice of you wish, I instantly disregarded it as madness and opened the door to the freezing elements and headed to the lockers. I don’t know if using the lockers, or certainly paying for them, is necessary or the ‘done’ thing here. There were clothes left in the changing room, and in lockers that weren’t locked, but I did wave good bye to my 20p, place my key on poolside about 30 feet away and wondered why I bothered. Still learning!

I love the look of the heated pool in cold weather, it makes it look like a mysterious lagoon from a film with the most rising from it. The side of this pool at 50m also makes it look like more of an adventure than your average chloriney puddle. The pool was split into 4 lanes, each was very wide so you can happily swim up and down and people can overtake without disturbing you. I did forget my goggles so was limited to breaststroke and a bit of backstroke, so the whole experience this morning was quite leisurely.

The pool was lovely and warm, like a bath, and the nice surroundings of the walled pool help you to relax as well. Although the lockers and changing room look a bit grubby it’s all very nice!


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