York beautif-Hall

This is a very beautiful old building, making you feel quite grand on arrival. But after going to older pools like King’s Hall, I thought it might be a bit dingy. I was very pleasantly surprised. 

I had to have a wander around the building as it was so beautiful, and found my way to the changing rooms. There is an open changing area and about 4 cubicles on the edge, which are all nicely practical, although the wood effect decoration looks damp and mouldy, which is a shame as it just doesn’t look as though it has been cleaned.

The lockers look like something you would find in a prison, and they are tiny. Not worth the non-returnable 20p. At this point my hopes of a nice pool were dwindling.

Out in the pool area there is a small children’s pool which was quite busy but not overcrowded and the main training pool, half open swim, the other half, split into 3 lanes, is just beyond.

The most striking feature to see is the large window and set of diving boards at the far end of the pool. They look almost gothic.

The pool was quite cold when I got in, but I soon warmed up. The pool seems very fast, as it is quite shallow until the diving end, where it quickly dips to a depth of 4 metres. I really like this is a pool as it’s almost like you are heading out into open water. It’s really lovely to swim in, and the building is beautiful to look around, I swam a fair bit of backstroke just to stare at the building!

The lanes are a bit thin, but I think it’s the most polite pool I’ve swam in with people being very aware of each other and moving out of each other’s way. There’s also a really good sign on the wall telling you how many lengths you need to swim to hit 1k and 1 mile. I also liked the floor tiling on the poolside, it wasn’t slippy or gritty or freezing, God knows how, but it was another plus.

There are 6 shower cubicles with hooks on the outside, so I hung my bag on there and as I was the only person in there, on a Saturday lunchtime (!), it was perfectly safe. The showers are push button, with just the right amount of power, they do switch to being a bit chilly, but it’s nothing really! The shower cubicles have plenty of room and all good apart from the mouldy looking doors!

There was only 1 working hairdryer out of 3, but as it was only me it was fine, and the mirrors reflected onto the door, not the naked, which is always a win in my book!

I’m throwing it out there that this is my fave 33m pool. It was really lovely and relaxing. Everyone was really nice and I left feeling relaxed and refreshed.


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