Style over splashing space

Trying to find this swimming pool was quite the struggle! on maps it is not clear where you are going, and from the outside the building looks like an office block. It wasn’t just me either, my friend had followed maps to the wrong side of the building. 

When you finally work your way through the door (the automatic doors weren’t working so I had to prize them open!) there are towels ready for you if you need them, the staff are really nice and there are massive orange signs pointing you towards the swimming pool and changing area.

The changing rooms are lovely, very bright, very clean, a couple of spacious cubicles and a communal changing space. Loads of good-sized, square (such a simple and effective idea), and I felt fine about putting my 20p in knowing that I wouldn’t get it back. It was relatively quiet in the changing rooms, and it got me excited about going for a swim.

The pool is 25m and has 5 lanes. The atmosphere in this pool is beautiful. There are lit up colour changing panels on the wall, which create a nice ambience, and the pool feels like a nice relaxing environment. The kids pool looked really fun aswell with a fountain and what looked like a little jacuzzi.

For absolutely no reason there were 2 lanes shut, and the pool was quite busy, so not sure what was going on there. At one end there is a disabled access point, which hasn’t been built in particularly practically, as it cuts off half of the end of one lane, a bit awkward when you are crossing paths with other people, very much a ‘one in, one out’ to turn around at the end. The lanes are very thin, so it wasn’t easy to pass people, and also this pool doesn’t appear to be the training place for Olympic champions. There were the standard lane labels of ‘Slow’, ‘Medium’ and ‘Fast’ but there wasn’t anyone getting a speedy pace on. It was a nice relaxing swim though, and the staff there clearly care about the upkeep, there was lots of putting measuring things in the water, and lifeguards were wandering around cleaning, which again, made me feel like I was somewhere that was a bit of a special treat.

The showers are really nice, lots of room, and you can hang your towel on a rail without the fear of it getting drenched, and I didn’t feel weird leaving my stuff in an unlocked locker whilst I went to shower.The shower was a push button one (I still think these are incredible as I use the torture showers at the Olympic pool so often) I had the changing rooms pretty much to myself, and it was so clean and relaxing that I took ages to get ready.

There is one of the swim suit spinner things (again, great invention) and hairdryers all along one side. This pool really does have all of the mod cons, and I do feel as though it has been thought through well and well put together. I feel a bit posh being here, but not out of my depth. With the lack of space in the lanes, it does make me feel a bit awkward and I think it instilled a very ‘English’ politeness of continuously moving out of people’s way and it certainly isn’t a place you would splash about. For a relaxing weekend swim this was perfect.


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