Jubileeasy going

As I’m working through the list of pools for the year, I thought I’d try to knock the ones furthest West off the list off first.

Jubilee Sports Centre took my on an exciting journey along the A40 (I didn’t know there was a Joe Strummer subway near Marylebone) and up Edgware Road. As I arrived I could see there is a lot of building work going on.

I asked the very sweet lady at reception whether the pool has lane swimming, she said it was her first day and had no idea, which was an interesting start. As we walked through to partitioned area to the changing rooms, I walked into a large communal changing area. The lockers were big enough to put my stuff in (hurrah!) and they took a 10 (yes, 10) pence coin, which was returned. What a novelty!

The pool was split into 3 wide lanes. There was a lane with swimming lessons for tiny babies, which was good amusement, a lane for people who could barely swim, and a lane in the middle for a very leisurely pace. Could you have heard the slightest of splashes. This is not a pool for the speedy.

It was a a lovely a friendly place, I said to my friend I’d be happy to get out when they are bored, and a lady swimming up to us said she was bored and ready to go! Something that may add to the relaxed vibe is that there is a sauna and a steam room at poolside. I had a little look but they were both packed full of people.

After becoming bored, we got out the pool, and I was looking forward to the nice showers. They are really nice, you are in control of the temperature and it is push-button operated. And the aim of the shower has the reach of an actual person. Really relaxing and nice.

Getting changed, I’m not sure there are any private changing rooms, was a bit of a rigmarole as there is one square bench, surrounded by lockers. All of the people who were sitting in the sauna seemed to have migrated in. Probably as I spent ages in the shower! After a few awkward naked exchanges and shuffling, I found a spot to get dressed.

Very similarly to the Chelsea pool, there are some good hairdryers, but they are all weirdly placed so in the background of your reflection are all of the naked people getting dressed.

I think this pool is great for families, seems very slow paced and relaxing.


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