Chelsea dahhhling

In January I decided to join up for monthly membership to the Better Swimming Pools. I reckon that I’ve been swimming in about 10 of their pools, which leaves 31 to go, now there’s a target for the year!

On a Sunday afternoon I was en route from Manchester (via Euston) to a pub in Parson’s Green for a roast. Thought I’d try to swim off the tequila from the night before and work up an appetite.

As I cycled up, I could have missed the place as it was quite hidden. Once through the door, the changing rooms reminded me of a school pool, there is a big open changing area with benches and a couple of changing rooms. The lockers are the annoying skinny type which it wasn’t easy to fit my weekend luggage in, and non-returnable 20p. There are signs all over the walls about the importance of showering before going into the pool, which set high expectations of cleanliness.

Walking out into the pool area, it was tiny! There are 3 lanes, and the pool is as warm as a bath. The three lanes were labelled as fast, medium and slow, but nobody was going any faster than slow. It was one of the most leisurely swims ever, and I just floated about for half an hour! Depending on what you want from a pool, this one is a winner if you want to relax and unwind and swim, you don’t need goggles here as there is no rush whatsoever.

The showers were good, as I had to drag all of my belongings with me I was quite happy to be able to hang everything on the back of the door, with plenty of room in the long corridor of the cubicle walls.

As always, I find it difficult with the nakedness, and this was a weird one.


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