Seymour of the West

Trying to fit in time to go swimming is a bit of a pain. Ideally I’d love to go before work (if anyone knows of a decent sized pool near London Bridge let me know) to help save time getting ready.

Today I was getting the train from Marylebone and found Seymour Leisure Centre pool to go for a quick swim.

On arrival it seems like quite a busy place, there was a quite a queue to get in, and at £6.10 for a swim I had high expectations. The changing rooms are nice enough, there are 3 cubicles, quite a big changing space and there are loads of lockers. There are about 10 larger lockers which was great, and they take 20p.

It does annoy me a bit when the lockers don’t return your money. Mostly just because once you have got out the pool and get your wash stuff to shower you then have to either pay again, take your stuff with you, or just take the risk and hope that no one nicks it. Anyhoo…

I have to say my first impressions weren’t great. It couldn’t be further from the Olympic pool. The first thing was that there are only 3 lanes. These were labelled slow, medium & fast and today I learned that definitions of these are……… Initially i


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