Errr, that’s not Olympic-sized

Be careful to check the timetable before you get on your merry way to The Queen’s Olympic Park.

Sometimes (most weekend days) it is hired out for galas or for something called —— which looks awesome fun, and there’s no sharing of space, so for the same price you are required to use the training pool. Do people actually train in here? I think they train in the other big, massive pool instead.

There have been a couple of lanes roped off for grown up swimming, and half of the pool is for funsies. I’m not opposed to any of that! But the lanes are pretty crammed and not very organised in terms of people’s speed. The thing that really gets me is the unbelievable heat of the water. I’m sure it’s actually Alan’s Deep Bath. After a couple of lengths I feel pretty cooked, remarkably unfit, and like I can’t wait to get out, go to Westfield for brunch and cinema!

As much as this is probably the best pool for families, it’s not my fave. Send me to the ridiculously uncomfortable showers…


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