The one where you can see everyone else doing more exercise

This is a pool that I have been to a lot, and I really enjoy. It’s very organised and practical.

When you arrive you can park your bike outside, see people running on the outside treadmill and get into a good, motivated mindset.

The pool is relatively chilly too, but I think this also helps you get a wriggle on. And there is no shallow end – the whole pool is 2 metres deep – so there are no people taking breaks at the ends, and there is always lane swimming. As long as you are happy swimming up and down then I would recommend going here.

Of course there is one moan, as like with many other pools, but I do notice it more here, the lockers are tiny small, and always seem dusty (I don’t know if they put something in them to stop them being damp). It’s an interesting wrestle once you’ve got out the shower!

One of the best things is that if you decide to go leisurely and look up to the gym area, you can see people working out up there, on treadmills, running up and down the stairs, even some legs popping up where people are doing yoga. It is really inspiring to keep you moving.


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