The serious spa

We decided to try a more central location this week, so went to Marshall Street Leisure Centre.

This is quite a small pool, compared to the big sink at least! The first thing I noticed was that the changing rooms are also really tiny, but it all seems to work in a good flow.

On poolside it’s the same level of efficient! There are 3 lanes, slow medium and fast, and the fast one is labelled for ‘club standard swimming’ which is a nice touch.

I don’t know how they did it, but there were a good 6+ people in each lane who were all swimming at the same pace. There was no bunching up at the ends or awkward overtaking. People don’t stop to take breaks and it all does flow very smoothly.

It is one of the most beautiful pools I’ve seen. It looks like a spa and the lifeguard looks very regal! The pool is quite warm, which was appreciated at the time.

The showers are brill and super practical, they are in frosted glass cubicles which is great. They showers and changing rooms are nice and spacious and I can imagine that if it gets really busy then this could be annoying. However, this was straight after work on a Monday, so I would’ve thought that’s classed as peak but who knows.

One of the best things about swimming in Central is going for dinner after!

This is a lovely pool and well worth going to, I’ll certainly go again. And write an entry straight after so I don’t forget everything about it!


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